Helping out when Needed

Hello Glam Divas!


I know it’s been awhile and I apologize.  Been going through a lot of things.  What I want to talk about in this post is “Helping other women in the need” Not all women are going to tell you what goes through their mind.  I myself can witness to that because I fear of others judging me and the world today has a bunch of cruel people.  But when you keep a lot to yourself, in the end you will explode and I don’t mean that in a good way, but in a bad way.  As women we are delicate creatures,  we want people to listen to us.  Especially your boyfriend or husband.  Some one who will sit down and give you that undivided attention and never interrupts you until you are done.

I guess I never experienced that growing up; never having too many people to talk to about what was going on.  I used to always keep it to myself and that really made things worse! I regret it ladies, so when you have the opportunity to help out another woman in the need, listen to what she has to say because you never know when you will be in that same position.  We really need to just support one another instead of pulling each other down.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you that i haven’t put women down or exchanged harsh words because I have.  I’m not proud of that nor am I perfect..No one is! But ladies and gents, let’s try and do a better job in having a positive and encouraging outlet for inspiring women who are in the need.

Your’s Truly,

inspiring women




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