What is your purpose?

Hello Ladies,


Hope all is well. Yes I’ve been MIA but I do apologize, but I am Back with new and refreshing blogs for your soul! As April almost leaves us and we enter into a new month of possibilities and opportunities, we get ready to open our minds and our hearts for new beginnings.  Do you have a purpose in life? If so what is it? God has all given us a gift and a purpose when He made us.  My purpose is to write books and share the love of encouragement.  Your’s may be to help out others, to minister to others, to teach for a group of young women or to mentor to them or to serve in an organization.  Whatever your purpose is, remember that you were created equally with your own taste and unique.  Never allow anyone to tell you any different.

Once you discover what your purpose is then you have a plan.  And with that plan and vision, make a list of goals and steps you will need to take in order to fulfill your purpose.

1) Write down your purpose and do some research.  What I mean by  research is go online and search or Google other businesses or people that are doing the same thing like you or similar to what your purpose is.  Also you may want to write down your goals and visions for your purpose.  Sometimes a person’s purpose can turn into a small business to help others in the long run!

2) Get a second opinion! Writing down your purpose is great, but share your gift and vision (s) with a person who you can count on and someone who can give you suggestions and advice.  Hearing another person’s opinion isn’t going to hurt.  Once your purpose is ready to take off, you are going to need someone by your side to help you through the process.

3) Once again research and study your purpose!  Once you have discover it, study it like it’s a final test for college.  Have it mesmerized as well as the goals and plans you have to fulfill your purpose.  For instance, if your purpose is to encourage people or women then you definitely want to pick your audience.  If you rather encourage younger females between the ages of 13-18, then find some organizations online and see what type of things they do. Start a blog and create a daily routine that allows them to stay motivated and encouraged!  Nowadays, having a business website for your organization is the best way to go.  I created this blog and website for inspiring women like you because as a women I know some of the things we go through that can be a pain in the butt and we really need some encouragement to keep us moving and staying humble throughout the day.  Remember we all have sinned and made mistakes, so therefore no one is perfect.

So whatever your purpose is, fulfill it and make your dreams come true!


Have a Fab rest of the day!!! And remember you are a Glam Diva! You shine and you are worth it!

braids n beauty 2

Glam Diva


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