Cyber World controlling humans mentally and emotionally: My Story

So much has happened over the month and I couldn’t even write.  I disconnected my facebook and taking a break from all social media sites.  I have allowed the social media to control my emotions and because I wanted to be accepted into a world that wasn’t real, I encountered plenty of problems.  Now I have fallen to the very deep end and no one can’t pull me out except for GOD! I’ve tried doing things my way too many times and all has failed! Now I will try God’s way and I know things then will go smoothy.


I am telling you all this because a lot of people allow social media to control them or they spend way too much time on either facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media sites.  They allow them to dictate and control their mind.  A lot of people are cat fishing others and even though you can’t see the actual person on the other end of the computer screen, still be careful. Don’t allow social media sites to control your mind mentally and emotionally.  Over the years I have allowed facebook, twitter and even instagram to do that to me.  I thought I couldn’t live without them because I was connecting with people that either shared the same interest as me or if they were an author.  I learned the hard way that none of these people gave two fingers about me and the work I was promoting.  But I’m glad I hit the very bottom so I could actually see what everyone was talking about.


I became a different person that wasn’t me at all, all because I craved attention and wanted to fit in with different “crews”  It’s not worth it at all!  Social media has it’s limitations, so remember to never allow the cyber world to control your life and your emotions!  Have a blessed day!


Glamorous Diva


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