Growing Pains

When was the last time you felt like you wasn’t going to make it in life? That is the most uncomfortable feeling there is.  But those thoughts are only temporary as we beg for relaxation.  To clear our minds and to be at peace once again.


Never give up in life no matter what stones are thrown at you.  We are inspiring women of tomorrow who deserves to be successful and loving.  When was the last time you thought about happy times or fun memories you had? Whether it was of family or friends?  In order to stay in tuned with life,  you must think happy and positive thoughts.  The world is not going to be pleasant to be pleasant to your soul.  Growing pains are continuing to attack people that seem weak and vulnerable.  But stand up glam divas! You are worth more than rubies or pearls.  We are here to fight and to win in our race, within our pains, our sorrows, our burdens and through all of our troubles.


Keep your head up ladies and keep on smiling!


Glam Diva




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