Keep Pressing!

Have you caught yourself sitting alone in the dark or alone in your home thinking about your life and all of the things you have done wrong? Wondering about all the decisions you could have made right? It all has happened to us all, but we do have to remember that we can’t change the past or the choices we have made back in the past that has caused us to fall several times.  I don’t know about you divaz, but God has our back all the time and knows what we need in life.  It’s not all about what we want, but sometimes what we need will make a big difference.

I have looked back over my life and exhaled all the goodness that God has brought me through as well as all of the hell I have put myself in.  Ladies and Gents, never put yourself in a position where you don’t know how you will be getting out.  I’ve fallen too many times real deep that til this day I don’t understand how I made it out.  But we all have to be humble in life and stand strong! We are Inspiring Women of Tomorrow and as women we will continue to stand strong and never allow the enemy to destroy us and our families.  Continue to be blessed and diva-licious! 🙂

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Glam Diva


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