Women in Biz: Meet Zandrala Walker


Zandrala Walker is the Founder and CEO of Z-Lips which stands for Love, Inspire, Peace and Serenity.  Z-Lips started its journey of positivity and empowerment January 2018.  Z-Lips is a Motivational Brand Design to inspire and encourage others to live their best Lives. Z-Lips offer motivational speaking or encouragement to any business, organization, or individuals. Z-Lips have inspirational products such as positivity mugs, t-shirts, totes, 14 day positivity challenge E book, Positivity Business Planning Workbook, & a 9 -page Ebook Vision Board fun Guide.


“I believe supporting other women in business is very important because you can use this great opportunity to connect and network with business minded women. It also implements encouragement and inspiration to business women that are currently working in such a challenging field.” 


To connect with Z-Lips go to the website at z-Lips.com, Follow Z-lips on Facebook at Z-Lips, Instagram @Zlips00, or you can email Z-lips at Z.lips00@gmail.com. She has a TV Talk Show on Black Business Women Network on Facebook on Tuesdays at 7pm CST called Let’s Talk with Zandrala.

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