Woman Boss Spotlight: Krissy’s Crochet Creations


There is nothing like making your own things and showing what your business is all about!  That’s what Krissy’s Crochet Creations is all about.  A Woman Boss who has had her own hand-made business since October of 2017.  The types of services her business offers is making hand-made items such as blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, baby dresses and a whole lot more! You definitely got to check out her website today to see the wonderful things Krissy’s Crochet Creations has to offer! When one woman supports, we all support!


“That Baby gonna be looking fly in her hand-made outfit with a matching headband!”


“Supporting other women in business is imperative because we as women must work harder to be successful and taken seriously in a male dominated world. Solidarity can help accomplish that.”

You can connect and buy from Krissy’s Crochet Creations by either visiting her business page on Face Book, follow her on IG or simply sending her an email!

facebook.com/KrissyCrochet, Instagram @krissycrochet, and E-mail at kcccrochet@gmail.com



This feature was brought to you by That Riverz Gurl Media, LLC


Follow That Riverz Gurl on IG @thatriverzgurl

Visit her website at http://www.patricerivers.com 


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